Apostille University Degree

Apostille University Degree

Do you know the process for apostilling a university degree?

Today, with the great emigration of Latin America, many people have been forced to leave their countries, whether because of political or economic problems, violence or simply because of opportunities for a better life.

Therefore, one of the most demanded requirements in the world is the apostille of documents, which make stand out in a certain way in the search for new labor or educational goals.

But you can’t leave behind the meaning of apostilling. The apostille of documents is the legal process through the certification of the signatures of public servants who endorse the legitimacy of the document issued.

Currently one of the countries with more exodus of professionals is Venezuela, a country which has gone through a series of circumstances and problems reason why many people have taken the decision to leave it. For this reason, the process that must be followed to apostille the university degree will be announced below.

Apostille university degree process.

  • As a first step is to know the procedure to be carried out by the university, since it needs a series of requirements to issue the signatures of the rector of the educational institution and director of the career which graduated.
  • After that, the document must be legalized.
  • When the title comes from a public entity, it must be legalized before making the apostille.

If the degree is issued by a private institution or university, it is not necessary to legalize the document, you can go directly to the appointment request to apostille.

Appointment to apostille the university degree.

  • As a first step and elementary is the use of the explorer Mozilla, as it speeds up the process.
  • After that, go to citalegaliaciones.mppre.gov.ve.
  • If you do not have a user, you must complete the registration with all the data required by the system.
  • Then, once the registration is done, you enter the system and make the appointment request and choose if the appointment is personal, for a family member or a proxy.
  • Add the document to be apostilled, you can enter up to 5 documents for the process.
  • To place the destination, that is to say, the country which will emigrate and will take the document.
  • Choose the state, office and date where you want to go to make the apostille.

Apostille requirements for university degree.

After making the appointment to apostille the university degree, a series of requirements are necessary to complete the process.

  • Original university degree, signed by the corresponding authorities of the house of study.
  • Proof of the electronic appointment previously made.
  • Tax stamp of the capital district for 0.4 tax units.
  • If you are not the holder of the document, you must have a power of attorney duly notarized in order to continue with the process.

The execution time for this procedure is between 1 to 3 working days. The disposition of the appointment will depend on the flow of requests which the system processes.

All of them comply with the Hague Convention of 1961 and its allied countries to validate the issued documents. Attached to the apostilled document is a certificate which states that the necessary requirements and signatures have been complied with in order for it to be valid abroad.

However, it is necessary to be clear which process must be carried out, since in some countries it is not necessary to apostille certain documents, in some it is only necessary to legalize them; a process totally different from the previous one, therefore it is very important to have the knowledge of the necessary processes to validate the professional and public documents in the country to which one is going to emigrate.

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